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Made my first ramen sandwich! #wcw #amazeballs #asianamerican

Made my first ramen sandwich! #wcw #amazeballs #asianamerican

“Saturdays are for adventure; Sundays are for cuddling”

General life philosophy (via ohchsinad)

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Anonymous: You're clueless when it comes to Palestine. Israel warns the Palestinians before they fire rockets and the civilians ignore the warnings because they want Israel to look bad. And I know you're not gonna post this because you're a racist piece of shit


Wait. youre telling me that Palestine civilians willingly ignore Israel’s so called “warning shots” because they want to sacrifice their lives so that Israel ‘looks bad.’ Please think about this for a millisecond and then reevaluate the facts. 

These “warning shots”, are barely warnings and can be better described as methods of psychological warfare. Minutes after the warning shot is fired, the real bombs hit the location giving civilians little to no time to exit their homes.

A video posted online this week by the Gaza-based news agency Watania shows the low-yield warning shot hitting a Palestinian house 1:08 before a second blast reduces the home to rubble. 

Here a house is blown up only 57 seconds after the warning shot 

Another instance a bomb hit a complex housing disabled Palestinian civilians who could not exit the building in time 

Phillip Luther, head of Amnesty International’s Middle Eastern Programme reports, “civilians have been killed in Israeli air strikes on or next to their homes. In the first three days of the military operation, Israeli air strikes on or adjacent to houses killed at least 32 civilians; at least two of the houses were reportedly attacked without warning.” 

So far 576 Palestinians have been killed with over 70% being civilians and over 120 of which being women and children. That means 4 out of every 5 people killed by Israel is a civilian

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Wish I could get buff without the effort.

Wish I could get buff without the effort.


it means that some people think they are that worthless that they will settle for abusive love. they attract the people that treat them how they think they deserve to be treated. others may have their sense of self-worth so won’t settle for anything below what they deserve. how you view yourself is how you’re going to be treated is what it’s saying. so, if you think you deserve more for yourself, that’s what you’re going to get, but if you don’t think you’re a good person, you will settle for much less than you really do deserve. don’t depreciate yourself, because one day you’re going to find someone who will give you everything you deserve and more.


Heyyy Mrs. Carter


Yuna is a musical genius


*sees a dog* *gasps loudly*

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Like lullabies you are,
Forever in my mind.
I see you in all,
The pieces in my life.
Though you weren’t mine ..

“The (500) Days of Summer attitude of “He wants you so bad” seems attractive to some women and men, especially younger ones, but I would encourage anyone who has a crush on my character to watch it again and examine how selfish he is. He develops a mildly delusional obsession over a girl onto whom he projects all these fantasies. He thinks she’ll give his life meaning because he doesn’t care about much else going on in his life. A lot of boys and girls think their lives will have meaning if they find a partner who wants nothing else in life but them. That’s not healthy. That’s falling in love with the idea of a person, not the actual person.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (via cocainediet)

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